is a Field Service Management (FSM) system that provides expert support for economic development practitioners operating in the field of sustainable development. It serves the cross-sector professionals working to support Agenda 2030's Sustainable Development Goals.

We are preparing to launch this service in Q4 2021.


FSM is a rapidly growing cloud-based technical support service approach based on remote delivery of advanced analyses based on decision analysis and digital intelligence (AI). The remote delivery of these capabilities are changing the efficiency and effectiveness of economic development activities. Th uptake of this efficienct and effective approach has increased since the advent of the Covid-19 epidemic. It delivers a comprehensive and expert support for technical and economic development teams working on the design and management of projects and policies. The term "field" simply indicates that those using the service are not in the same location as the technical service base, but are working in any global location with access to the internet.

is delivered and operated as Software as a Service (SaaS) specifically configured to deliver a higher quality of support than conventional support systems. This is achieved by making available a completely new set of advanced analytical tools to meet the needs of Sustainable Development Goal operations. Many of the tools were not availabe to practitioners before the service went into operation. These tools support decision analyses for the design of projects and policies, facilitate project implementation across multi-project portfolios and provide cloud-based resources to conduct evaluations.

We are an economic development team with over 45 years cumulative experience in economic development project design and management, including implementation and evaluation across many sectors and on behalf of the major international development agencies . During the last decade, as part of the George Boole Foundation review and development of improved project design systems, we contributed to the design and development of SDG Toolkit, the most advanced set of analytical tools available for project design, whole cycle and portfolio management. SDG Toolkit currently has over 80 dedicated analytical tools (ATs). Our own service is based on a simpler licensed version of SDGToolkit serving individuals and smaller organizations who do not need the portfolio management services but who wish to have access to the ATs. The result is a structured design and management system where all information is kept together and able to be remotely shared with team members and oversight personnel from anywhere in the world.

The service is for anyone who wishes to benefit from a comprehensive support in carrying out professional tasks related to project or policy design, gap, needs and constraints analysis and to review practical change strategy options to identify the best options to attain specific objectives. By following the guidelines provided within the SDG Toolkit users can conduct analyses and projections to gather evidence to support design decisions and generate reports in narrative, tabular, graphic and data sets all downloadable in formats compatible with Miscosoft Office applications. This provides a completely professional presentation for the clients of customers. has adopted the SDG Toolkit approach not only including the the array of useful ATs but also the philosophy minimising operational costs for users. The only software required to use the system is a standard browser running on any device and operating system. Browsers are usually free of charge.

Each client has a dedicated database to avoid mixing of data with that of other client customers. Processor speeds, memory and storage capacity operate always well in excess of current requirements to prevent constraints and/or data loss. Each client system has access to the AT Library. The system has a security system entry.

Work phase analytical funcional coverage includes:
  • National gaps, needs and constraints analysis
  • Due diligence design procedure for projects and policies
  • Implementation decision support
  • Monitoring and evaluation support
  • Real time on-demand analysis and reporting for any aspect/activity/performance of projects field service management functions:
  • Handle requests from any number of simulataneous real time clients
  • Provides operational work planning
  • Provides alerts and enable practitionser in process of finding solutions
  • Real time on-demand analysus and reporting
  • Options analysis
  • Gaps and needs analysis
Other functionality and benefits:
  • Knowledge base
  • Performance monitoring
  • Results based management
  • AI driven decision support
  • Long term projections of project environments
  • Fostering change in attitudes to basis for operations leading to better decisions and economy in execution
  • Constantly rising quality of service in terms of relevance and fine tuning to the conditions of each project
  • Innovative but practical findings distributed globally as soon as discovered
  • Turning short term modificartions in work patterns into a better way to work
  • Expedite learning and change now to lay foundation for more effective future operations
  • Cumulative global resources reference library
  • Adaptation of software modules to customer requests